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Egawa Gikou

Certified by Japan House Cleaning Association
Acquisition of "House Cleaner"

We are doing house cleaning and house maintenance based in Ota-ku, Tokyo.

Egawa Gikou strives to provide prompt response and courteous customer service to meet customer expectations.

We would like to respond flexibly even if it is not on the service list.

​ Please feel free to contact us anytime.


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Why Choose Us


Certified by the House Cleaning Association

A worker who is certified as a "house cleaner" certified by the Japan House Cleaning Association will visit you. As a member of the NPO Japan House Cleaning Association, I am working hard every day to improve my knowledge and skills while making use of my experience working at a former construction company, so that I can meet the needs of everyone. We also do house repair work, such as cleaning air conditioners, cleaning vacant rooms, cleaning before and after moving, painting and repairing exterior walls, and waterproofing work on balconies. We flexibly respond to customer requests.



Uses natural plant detergent

The natural plant detergent "Angel's Pine" is used, so it can be used safely even in homes with small children and pets. More than 98% biodegradable and does not contain bleach or fluorescent agents. It is made of non-toxic natural materials, so you can even wash your vegetables with it. Egawa Gikou actively incorporates such eco-materials.
*Depending on the degree of dirtiness, we may use a combination of natural detergent and other detergents.


Service contents



Have you ever been troubled by stubborn stains such as oil stains, water stains, and burns? Efficiently cleans oil and burns that take time to remove.

ventilation fan


Even if you want to clean the ventilation fan yourself, you often give up because you don't know how to do it. Cleans up in no time.



​ Cleans not only conspicuous areas such as bathtubs, mirrors, floors, and mirrors, but also drains and door edges. The white bath mirror is also surprisingly beautiful.

air conditioner


An air conditioner is essential for a comfortable stay at home. By cleaning the inside of the air conditioner, the effectiveness of the wind will change dramatically.

Plumbing set plan


A plan with a set of popular cleaning areas.
It is also possible to add more areas of concern from the option menu. Would you like to clean your house together?

​​ toilet


Egawa Gikou accepts construction work in addition to house cleaning. We will estimate the price, so please feel free to contact us from "Inquiries".

vacant room cleaning


​​ Please leave the cleaning associated with moving or moving in/out to Egawa Gikou.

store cleaning


We also accept store cleaning. We will estimate the price, so please feel free to contact us from "Inquiries".

Construction (interior construction/exterior construction)


It feels good when the restroom is clean. Egawa Gikou solves the cause of odors that cannot be removed by regular cleaning.


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​ We strive to respond quickly. Please feel free to contact us.

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